Just a heads up, we don't have a huge amount of space on this machine, ~750 GB for the git repos. We can include some data in the projects, but really big datasets will need to remain elsewhere. For anyone new to Git, this is a fairly good place to start: http://gitref.org/index.html Documentation for Gitlab is available here: http://doc.gitlab.com/

Commit fd785bf1 authored by Khalid Kunji's avatar Khalid Kunji

Small bug fix

parent 2ed206f3
......@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ then
v )
echo "GIGI-Quick version: 1.00"
echo "GIGI-Quick version: 1.01"
echo "If you intended to activate verbose output, that flag is now capitalized: '-V'"
exit 0
......@@ -182,13 +182,13 @@ export estimated_memory_needed=$(echo "-20490+0.05799*${N}*${M}+6164*${S}" | bc)
echo "Estimated Memory Needed: " "${estimated_memory_needed}"
cd "$parent_path"
#if [[ "$queue_length" ]]
if [[ "$queue_length" ]]
# num_chunks = $((mem_size/estimated_memory_needed/
num_chunks=$(echo "if ( ${estimated_memory_needed}%${mem_size} ) ${estimated_memory_needed}/${mem_size}+1 else ${estimated_memory_needed}/${mem_size}" | bc)
echo "Calced Num_Chunks: " "${num_chunks}"
export num_chunks=$((queue_length*num_chunks))
echo "Num_Chunks to use ${queue_lenght cores at a time}: " "${num_chunks}"
echo "Num_Chunks to use ${queue_length} cores at a time: " "${num_chunks}"
#estimate/n = mem_avail(size)
#n = estimate/mem_size(ceil)
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