Just a heads up, we don't have a huge amount of space on this machine, ~750 GB for the git repos. We can include some data in the projects, but really big datasets will need to remain elsewhere. For anyone new to Git, this is a fairly good place to start: http://gitref.org/index.html Documentation for Gitlab is available here: http://doc.gitlab.com/

Commit 22b232e1 authored by Khalid Kunji's avatar Khalid Kunji

Revert debugging change in GIGI_4 to clean intermediate files

parent 6fd25f10
......@@ -16,8 +16,8 @@ if [ "$merge_status" -eq 0 ]
echo "Merged files are located at: " "${output_folder}/${run_name}/gigi_output"
# rm -R "${output_folder}"/"${run_name}"/gigi_output/*/
# rm -R "${output_folder}"/"${run_name}"/split_output/
rm -R "${output_folder}"/"${run_name}"/gigi_output/*/
rm -R "${output_folder}"/"${run_name}"/split_output/
cat "${output_folder}"/"${run_name}"/STATS/time* > "${output_folder}"/"${run_name}"/STATS/stats
rm "${output_folder}"/"${run_name}"/STATS/time*
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